I found an old file on my laptop and read it

Dear Internet,

Here is my untouched story I began writing (but never finished) when I was 17. *WARNING*: The names and personalities in this story had a significance to my life back then, hence, using them. ALSO: Fair warning on my grammar, punctuation, etc!



The day I met him. I can easily recall it as it was my first day in a new school and I couldn’t figure out the combination to my locker, which just so happens to be right next to his. I take it that he saw me struggling and offered to help me out. Usually, I’d take down offers, but since I was afraid of running late to my homeroom, I handed him the paper with my locker combination written on it and a few moments later, he successfully opened it. I thanked him kindly and immediately began organizing my locker, hoping he had short term memory loss and forgot my combination and maybe even of my existence. I noticed him smiling as he opened his own, and introduced himself with a one syllable name, Mike. I turned to face him, gave him a small smile, shut my locker, and began walking to my first class. Mike called after me, but I ignored it.

I sat in homeroom, which happened to be French with Mme. Manco, who reminded me so much of my grade five English teacher, Ms. Fotti. I was surprised to find Mike making his way into class, and noticed him smirking at me.

Before the class started, Mme. Manco made sure my presence as the new girl was known to the whole class by calling out my first name, “Jessica Cristine?”
“You can call me JC, for short,” I spoke up.
“JC?” Mme. Manco repeated for confirmation and jotted a side note on the attendance sheet.
“Yup,” I assured with all eyes focused on me.
“Oui,” I heard a voice from the back of the room that seemed still fresh in my ears. I turned around and found Mike looking at me as if he just thought of such an amazing idea.
“Merci, Mike.” Mme. Manco acknowledged, “JC, please be advised that we speak in French the majority of the class and welcome to MPJ,”

I smiled at Mme. Manco and rolled my eyes but smiled at Mike, then turned back to the front of the class thinking about how deep the dimples on his cheeks were, while Mme. Manco began to teach, “Toute le monde, après moi: J’ai, Tu as…”

After Mme. Manco dismissed the class, Mike passed by me, nodding and saying my name with each stride he took, “J. C. Jessica. Cristine.” I watched him disappear into the busy hallways and began my way to second period.

I managed to find and survive both math and chemistry, and was ready for lunch, which was the next time I saw him.

As I scanned the room for an available table, I noticed Mike chatting away with the other members of the hockey team and the spirit squad ladies drooling all over them. Of course, I thought. Seeing as majority of the tables were occupied, I decided to have lunch by my locker.

It didn’t seem so bad, it was quiet, peaceful and nobody was watching me eat, which felt relieving; I hated being watched as I ate. I scanned my phone for text messages from Bob, who was my best friend back at my old school. I missed him dearly, and noticed a pair of 5” black stiletto pumps in front of me. I looked up and saw a face with bright green eyes and brown curly hair from whom I recognized is from my second period math class with a teacher who had the name of a platypus.

“Hi…..?” I smiled, being that I was confused,
“Hey, I’m Fiona” she said as she sat down, as if I’ve welcomed her to have lunch with me.
“Nice to meet you…” I said, still confused.
“You know, people often introduce themselves after another person introduces themselves,” she had a high-pitch voice.
“Um…” I didn’t know what to say actually
“JC!” and there was that voice again, so fresh in my ears. I looked to my right, and lo and behold Mike was there.
“Hi JC!” Fiona was enthusiastic, and nodded to Mike “Thanks,”
I smiled at Fiona, “I was going to introduce myself, but my publisher did it for me anyway,”
“Haha, you’re a funny girl,” Mike said sarcastically as he closed his locker and walked away with a notebook, “I’ll see you at the meeting later on today, Fiona.”
“3 o’clock sharp!” Fiona waved to him, and then focused her attention back towards me, “I noticed you in class, and as the President of the Student Council, I felt obliged to introduce myself to the ‘New Girl’,” She air quoted, “So tell me about yourself, JC,”

I was both taken back at Fiona and annoyed at Mister Mike for interrupting a two person conversation, and I got more aggravated when I realized I had no way of avoiding him since we had the same homeroom for the remainder of the school year AND his locker was side-by-side next to mine. I snapped out of my thoughts and began to think about Fiona’s request.

“Well, what would you like to know about me?” I despised explaining who I was because I didn’t really know the right words to use. I mean, the hardest thing to do is to understand why we like things, why we act the way we act, why, why, why and then explain it to someone else. We can write a whole essay about ourselves and still not fully know who we are. In my case, I thought of my story just as long and confusing as The Lord of the Ring’s trilogy. However, when in Rome, I always began with my name.

So that was me, in my story-telling years, when I was inspired and influenced by so many that I had urges to write. I have ten pages of this story, maybe one day I’ll post Chapter 2. Going back to this story makes me happy, I feel at ease reading this and now I’m feeling inspired because that feeling has quieted down in my life in the recent years. There are some days when I miss it, wishing that I can write as I did before. However, it’s been hard getting back to the groove of writing passionately. But, kudos to you guys who write about anything and everything. You guys are my inspiration. Be safe and kind, and thank you and your souls for stopping by.




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