Every birthday deserves a 3 day celebration

Dear Internet,

A couple days ago it was my birthday!!!! I didn’t really think of doing anything this year, just simple things with the family and Jozo.

After work on Saturday, my family surprised me with a Budol fight/Kamayan, which is a Filipino way of eating on banana leaves and with using your hands instead of utensils. We had pancit (noodles), fried fish, bbq chicken, ribs, pork belly, fried tofu, shrimp and sweet potato fritters. We had rice (obviously), grilled veggies–bell peppers and cucumber, and mango. It was extremely fun and so thoughtful of my family to surprise me with this. I really wanted to do this on Sunday, however, the forecast was showing for thunderstorms–which wouldn’t be ideal for a kamayan since we had it in our backyard, so we canceled it and lo and behold, they surprised me. I was super happy and felt so loved by my family.

On Sunday, I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant that offers dim sum and other traditional Chinese foods, Tremendous. My family and I usually go there for the dim sum and are usually impressed with the servings. However, on Sunday, it was sadly disappointing. We were seated on the last wing, at the very last table..meaning that the food came to us last, if it came at all that is. The dishes also didn’t taste as good as it usually does and we were anticipating some of the dim sum, however, they never came. There are better days at Tremendous, I guess today wasn’t one of those days.

Later on in the evening, Jozo, Matt, my sister and her boyfriend and I headed to The Lockhart, a Harry Potter inspired bar that I’ve been meaning to head to since it came out but never got the chance to until Sunday night. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger than it actually was, with a bit more tables and seated and a little bit more room. The atmosphere was very much Harry Potter inspired with pictures of Dobby on the wall, a Deathly Hallows symbol on the ceiling, an “All Was Well” fluorescent sign/heart, and much more little things that Harry Potter lovers alike will appreciate and notice. The stairs to the washroom had pages from books or other potions on the walls and the washroom itself were painted black with chalk messages written all over it. One of them had said, “This was to the Ministry of Magic” and other things such as “Harry, Hermonie and Ron forever” or quotes from the series. The owners were the ones serving us, and although the kitchen was closed, they had informed us that it was cool to bring in take outs from other restaurants in the bar. We had started with a pitcher of Better Beer ($31.50), their spin-off of the famously known Butter Beer. It was really sweet and everyone seemed to have loved it. Next, we ordered our own separate drinks. Matt and I had the Botanist ($10.75), Jozo had the Big Bad Wolf ($10.75). I forgot what my sister and boyfriend had ordered, but I know my sister didn’t really like hers but enjoyed her boyfriends. We also ordered sides of pickles ($5), veggies chips ($5), and the milk chocolate frogs ($6). Overall, it wasn’t so bad, I had enjoyed myself there and see myself going back. Obviously, this isn’t the place to get drunk with friends and party, but it is a simple place to catch up with a friend over drinks. I had also heard that they have trivia night on one of the weeknights if anyone is interested! They also have a Montreal location for all those who are in Montreal as well!

Next we originally wanted to head down to Bang Bang Ice Cream, however, once we got there, the line-up was a bit too long for our liking, so we had opted for La Cubana down the street.  It’s a little Cuban diner, which has an old school feel to it. They offer take-out if anything is interested and are delivered via Uber Eats if anyone is in the area. Matt and I ordered their pork belly medianoche ($9.99) and a side of fries ($4.99), which was amazingggggg, it was served on a soft bun which was different than what I had expected but nonetheless, I felt like the pork gently broke in my mouth and was really good. Jozo ordered the pressed cubano ($10.99) and a side of yuka frita ($4.99), my sister ordered another meianoche ($9.99) and her boyfriend got a pork belly plate ($15.99). We all enjoyed our food, and I think I’d go back there just to try their brunch menu on the weekends.

Finally, on Monday it was my actual birthday! Jozo had the whole day set up for me and honestly, surprised me. He came over in the morning to hand me my birthday gift and then went our way to the city. We headed over to St. Michael’s Cathedral for their afternoon mass, and was amazed at how beautiful the renovations had made the place. The statues and the stained glass were breathtaking, and the pews were actually so comfy! Being there was my favourite part of the day, and I want to try and make it a habit to attend mass there whenever I’m around the area.

Next, Jozo and I headed to Cafe de Melbourne, which is a small and comfy coffee shop on Church St. I overheard a customer tell someone else that this is actually the owners place. It’s his books, his pictures, his things that decorated the place to make it seem like his home (he also had stringy lights on the tables!!!!). Recommended by another customer, Jozo ordered the flat white ($4.50) and a spinach and cheese roll ($4) and I opted for the mocha($5) and a slice of carrot cake ($2). I personally enjoyed a piece of Jozo’s roll and my mocha, you guys must try them! Even just to come by this place, if you guys don’t want your average Starbucks or Tim’s or Aroma Express, come by this little and comfy gem! It’s quite and feels personal and feels like a friends home.

For an afternoon walk, Jozo surprised me when we headed to the Allan Gardens Conservatory. It felt like walking into a small part of the forest and I thoroughly enjoyed walking through each section. I’m no gardener or have a green thumb, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t notice or appreciate the beauty of gardens.

For dinner, Jozo had surprised me with reservations at Scaddabush.  I had mentioned coming here for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, but changed my mind and I was really surprised that he remembered. They have a few more locations in Ontario, one in Mississauga across from Square One, and this one is in the heart of downtown. Our waiter was really sweet and kind, and I personally felt he was genuine about everything in conversation. It was quite, but then again it was late afternoon on a Monday. We started off with spinach and artichoke dip ($12.98), which we loved! It was so fresh and amazing; Jozo had said that he wished he could’ve ordered three of these to eat for himself. I had ordered roasted fennel and sausage fettuccine (small-$13.66), which was also really good. They make their pasta fresh, and it felt so wholesome in my mouth. I wanted so badly to finish it but I just couldn’t down myself with so much goodness. Jozo had ordered their butcher pizza ($17.47), which he said was alright. I was then surprised by their home made imitation of Tiny Tom donuts as a birthday treat. I’d like to say that it tasted better than Tiny Tom’s, it was more fuller, less deep-fried, and they had sprinkled sugar on the donuts and offered a chocolate dip on the side. I wanted to bring some home because I was so full, however, Jozo ended up finishing all of them! I look forward to going back to the restaurant to try some more pasta or other dishes on the menu. Their setting was very pleasurable and so was their food, if you’ve been there before let me know your experience!

And that was my 3 day birthday celebration. It was small and it was perfect and I felt an enormous amount of love for the last couple of days. I hope you all feel just as special as I did on my birthday on yours! Until next time, be safe and kind and thank you and your soul for stopping by.



P.S. this post was too long to edit, so I’m sorry in advance!!!


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