The day I went out with my cousin

Dear Internet,

Yesterday, my cousin and I finally hung out!!! I really didn’t expect it to happen anytime soon, however, I am so happy that we were able to come together and discuss our situation. To sum it all up, there were huge misunderstandings and miscommunication. There were many moments when we could’ve solved this long ago, however, we are both as stubborn as can be. Thankfully, we came together and are walking through life side by side again.

Sadly, this post isn’t going to be about our conversation, it’s going to be about where we went to and ventured out on.

We first started our day along the fashion district, Queen St W and Spadina, to eat at a hidden gem, Pokito, offering poke bowls and sushi burritos. It’s a cute little place that offered a Hawaiian or tropical feel, and although the menu was confusing and overwhelming at first, I quickly opted for their Friday weekday special, Thai Coco Shrimp–Thai Coconut Sauce, Thai Papaya Salad, House Toasted Coconut Chips–with mixed greens ($13). My cousin, wanting a sushi burrito, ordered their 420 Tuna and Salmon–Spicy Ponzu Sauce, Pineapple Chow,
Seaweed Salad, Chili Oil–with sushi rice ($16). However, when my cousin got her meal, it came in a poke bowl instead! Soooo, what I recommend to anyone who is interested in trying this chain out is to clarify what you want to order at the cash. I reaalllllllyyyyyyyy enjoyed my meal, tasting the sweetness of the coconut sauce but it wasn’t so overwhelming. My cousin also enjoyed hers. I would go back here to try their sushi burritos, and hopefully, they’ll give me a burrito instead of a poke bowl! I know there are many new places that serve poke bowls and sushi burritos, let me know which one in Toronto are your favs and I’ll try them out !

Later on, we walked to Ossington and I treated my cousin out to Bang Bang (obvi). I got a double scoop of Golden Oreo–which has become my new fav flavour–and rocky mountain, which was kinda basic. My cousin got their bang bang waffle with a scoop of matcha and a surprise flavour, she ordered the totaro but they gave her something that tasted like tea (could’ve been London fog) instead. I was a bit disappointed since they messed up her order and that we didn’t notice the ice cream scoop was purple instead of white. Nonetheless, I totally enjoyed my ice cream.

Next, we stopped by Peace Collective. Since their new collection came up I fell in love with this tee, however, they only had one size available which wasn’t my size. I then got Jozo this tank, which is familiar to Torontonians. They also offer other slogans that uplift our Canadian pride such as ‘Home is Canada”, “Canadian as fuck”, “Canadian Babe”, “Canadian Built”, “Home is Toronto”, “Home is Vancouver” and much more. I also finally got this pin that I’ve been waiting to get since foreverrrr! I was super happy that I got it, totally making up for the tee that I couldn’t get! Peace Collective is not just a retail shop, but is also known for their out of the ordinary sweets! I’ve yet to try it, but if anything, I’d only try it for the gram or for the sake of finally trying it. I love this shop, and support it 100%, they have a pop-up shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and finally have their second shop at Square One Shopping Mall. Check out their items online or in store!

Our final stop was the Bakeshoppe, I have talked about this place before and really, there’s nothing bad to say. Famous for their rapper cookies, homemade poptarts and marshmallow ruffles, it really is my fav bake shop. The whole purpose of this outing was to actually pick up my birthday cake from here. This is my second time ordering a cake and I’m happy with the service they have provided me. The cake I got was a 6″ double vanilla bean cake, which was, like the last time, was amazing! It was moist and dense and sooooooo good! They have ready made 4″ and 6″ buttercream cakes that come in double vanilla bean, chocolate cake with Ferraro Roche buttercream, red velvet with cream cheese icing, marble cake with salted caramel icing,  and baked raspberry with cream cheese icing. They advise to calling in advance (once they open is your best bet) to reserving the cake the day of grabbing it. They also offer a plaque (an additional $3) to put on the cake with your choice of a saying, I chose “It’s still our birthday, bitches!” but you can opted for “Happy birthday” is you’re feeling a little classy. Check them out and come by, since they offer other baked good and ice cream–surprisingly!

So, that wraps up the day I finally hung out with my cousin and I took her to Ossington!

Until next time, be safe and kind and thank you and your soul for stopping by!




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