That little Italian Restaurant

Dear Internet,

On Monday night, Jozo and I had dinner at an old Italian restaurant that Matt has recommended to me two years ago but I never got the chance to try it. I wanted to take my family here on the Sunday before my birthday but unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays. Mamma Martino’s is what seemed to be a family run restaurant that was filled with plenty of families enjoying a carb loving dinner that’s basically home made.

We started our meal with their calamari ($9.25) which we were so impressed by as it came in such a huge quantity. It was lightly seasoned and deep-fried but thank goodness, it wasn’t battered up in flour like many other restaurants have it. Next, we waited (too long, again maybe a good 20-30 minutes…which was a little disappointing) for our meals to come as we people watched other families eat their meals. We were noticing how busy it was for a Monday night, and I guess that’s good thing! Jozo got a small pizza ($9.25 + $1.50/topping) that came with cheese and tomato sauce and he added pineapple and proscuitto, which was surprisingly good! The pizza was huge for a small and the slices were nice and thick, we were thinking to ourselves that we literally should’ve just gotten pizza and the calamari. We honestly didn’t know how huge the portions were to be! My meal, fettuccine pasta and Italian sausage + garlic bread ($9.25), came and although I don’t like tomato sauce, I felt that this one tasted better and not so much bitter than I usually find tomato sauce to be. The sausage itself was hugeeeeeee, but was really good! We didn’t end up finishing our meal so we just ended up taking half our meal home. We wanted to get their salted caramel cheesecake ($6.25) for dessert but we remembered that Tom’s Dairy Freeze was right next door!

Tom’s is usually associated with a huge line up, however that night it wasn’t much crowded. I’ve been here twice previously, and have always gotten the blue raspberry dipped vanilla soft serve with sprinkles but this time, I ended up getting peanut butter dipped vanilla soft serve with sprinkles (obvi) and it tastes like heaven !!!!!!  Jozo got a peanut better dipped vanilla soft serve with rice krispies which wasn’t that bad either. I think we both found our new fav dipped flavour! I encourage you guys to visit this local ice cream place during the summer, it’s honestly my favvvvvvv (besides bang bang of course!)

We are definately going to be back in the area again, so we are for sure going to be back at Mama Martino’s and Tom’s. You guys should really check them both out! Italian food for dinner and ice cream for dessert, right next to each other, how awesome and convenient is that!!!

And so ended our little dinner date, that we haven’t done in such a long time! Honestly, when you’re in a relationship, I find that it’s important to find moments for yourselves, even it’s dinner at a new restaurant or at home when the rain is falling and you’re in their arms. Find the time to be with your significant other, to love and be loved!

Be safe and kind and thank you and your soul for stopping by.




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