Weekly Obsessions #12

Dear Internet,

This past week I’ve been binge watching on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8, which is up to stream on Netflix and fell in love with it! I didn’t realize how hilarious and original drag’s are, especially how elaborate their ideas can come to life! I have been on #TeamBobtheDragQueen and #TeamThorgy cause they are both hilarious!!! My cousin had told me that I should watch the season’s Untucked (which is basically them backstage and sh*t talking each other or just talking about how they did after evaluation) on Youtube and I began watching it immediately after I finished the Grand Finale. This is actually a show that I’ve been obsessing over the entire week! Can’t wait to begin the newer season!!!!


Ever since his concert last week, I find myself listening to any of his albums or just the Spotify playlist of: This is Ed Sheeran. His music soothes my soul and sometimes I still am in awe that I got the chance to see him AGAIN but this time with Jozo! Honestly, give Ed a listen, and not just his singles but his other songs that the world doesn’t get the chance to listen to on the radio! He is beyond talented!

What have you guys been obsessing over this week?!

Be safe and kind, and thank you and your soul for stopping by.




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