The story I began writing but never finished pt 2

Dear Internet,

Remember the post I had a couple months back about me opening a file on my laptop and then reading it? Well, I present to you part 2 of that file:

Fiona was an interesting person. She didn’t seem so pushy, which made it great for me to talk to her, as much as I could. She began talking about herself and the school as soon as I had nothing left to say about myself, which was five minutes into the conversation.

I learnt a lot about  Fiona, as already mentioned she was the President of the Student Council, originally from New York, a senior but retaking junior math, and in a committed relationship with her quirky and out-of-the-box girlfriend, who she speaks so highly of. She invited me to join various after school programs, as she thinks of it as “a great opportunity meeting the other students“. I was internally rolling my eyes at this idea,  but she did have a point. I told her I’d wait around a week and see how I felt.

It was finally the end of the day, which I met with a big sigh of relief. I headed over to my locker after the bell rang and noticed Mike already there, with his hockey equipment beside him. I managed to get my locker open, and gave a “Thank You” to the big guy up there.

“So, I guess you won’t need me as much anymore,” Mike was obviously watching me to see if I could open my locker.
“I learn pretty quickly,” I told him as I put The Catcher in the Rye inside my school bag.
He smiled; he did that often, “Oui, je vois que. Vous devez avoir un très bon professeur,”
“We aren’t in French class, you know,” Really? I think so myself.
“Je sais,” Is this guy serious?
“Then you can stop talking ‘En francias, monsieur’” I was annoyed.
“There’s no need to get upset, Mme Jessica Cristine. I was just making conversation, as being we are officially locker buddies and we’ll be seeing each other often,” Locker buddies?
“Wait, what?” We were not buddies.
“It isn’t that hard to understand. I’m sure you’re a smart girl; you learned how to open your lock very easily. This won’t need a second thought,”
“I like it when you say name, I think it’s the first time I heard you say it,” and there he goes again, smiling, “I’ve got to get going or Fiona will be furious!” He gathered up his things and began heading down the hallways, “Enjoy the rest of your day, JC. I’ll see you in the morning, and by the way you owe me!” and with that, he turned the corner and disappeared into the hallways of MPJ which were still so unknown to me.

Over the next few days, Mike was his usual annoying-smiley-self and Fiona would try her best to persuade me to attend at least one of the many club meetings. I’d always turn down the offer with, “Maybe tomorrow,” but I never did go.

One day after school, Mike was telling me about his hockey game the night before and always attempted to say it in French, which didn’t really help as he is doing poorly in that subject.

“Je suis incroyable au hockey!” He had a huge grin on his face.
“I’m sure you are, Mr. all mighty,” I said while getting out notebooks from my locker.
“Seriously, J’adore être un Canadian, parce que d’hockey,” He was silent for a moment, “How are you liking MPJ, JC?”
“Um,”  I had to think about it, “It’s…”
“Party at the Torres’ tomorrow night, everybody must be there!” A voice shouted in the halls, “Mike, you’re coming, right?” He looked at Mike,
“I wouldn’t miss it, bro,” Mike shook out his hand and eyed the stranger who I didn’t know.
“And yourself?” He looked at me from head to toe,
“Well, being that I only came to the school just last week…I don’t think I should. I only know Mike and Fiona, so there isn’t really a point of me going!” I threw my hands up and began closing my locker.
“Adam,” his hand was out in front of me; I looked at it and shook it but removed my hand quickly.
“JC, her name is JC,” Mike, once again spoke for me. I shot him a look and he was grinning.
“Well, JC. Now you know three people, which gives you more the reason to come,”
“I don’t…” I began to talk
“She’ll be there. We’ll be there. Together,” and I felt Mike’s arm on my shoulder and ticked it away, but Mike didn’t even flinch at it.
“Wait, what?” Really? This boy is driving me insane!
“Great! Totally looking forward to it,” Adam was nodding very much excited, “Mike tell anyone and everybody else, it’s gonna be awesome!” Adam said while walking away as I turned around to face Mike.
“What are you saying now? I already got over the whole ‘locker buddies’, now you’re saying that we’ll be at the party together?”
“Yup, cause you owe me,” Mike simply said. I must’ve looked confused, well of course I was. What on earth did I owe him?
“Let’s take a walk to memory lane on the day we first met. You needed help with your lock, I helped you. Now, it’s your turn,” This guy is crazy.
“Hold on, I need to help you to go to the party?”
“Well, if that’s the only way for you to come to the party with me, then yes. Yes, I do need your help to go to the party,”
“Mike, you are something else. You can go to the party by yourself or with girls from the spirit squad. I’m sure one of them would be more than gladly to go with you,”
“I can’t because they can’t help me. Only you can, ‘cause you owe me and you’re going to have the debt on you for the rest of your life if you don’t help me attend the party tomorrow night. And you’re going to remember this forever!”
A moment of silence, “You really are something,” I said then began to walk away.
Mike caught up with me, nearing the front doors of the school, “So I’ll pick you up at eight?”
“What if I don’t feel like giving you my address but I want to go with—-“, I caught myself before I could finish, “The party, I meant to the party? I’ll go to the party”
“I’d tell you to meet me at The Dot and I’ll pick you up from there, but I’d be worried for you to travel by yourself during the evening, and I’ll have my conscious telling me that I should’ve pushed JC to have picked her up from her humble home to ensure her safety to and from the party,”
Mike was a very interesting person, I looked up at him.
“Fine,” I mumbled and scrambled for a piece of scrap paper from my bag to write down both my address and cell phone number to the first boy I’ve met at MPJ. Once I’d hand it to him, there was that smile, which looked like Mike had won an award.
“This isn’t a date, though!” I told him as he ran off with his paper trophy.

Rereading this as I post them, I could see how easily influenced by a certain TV show that I used to love watching, as well as the other people who I have encountered as I used their personalities and maybe their names in this little story. Maybe, if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll finish this with the help of you guys! What do you guys want to happen to Mike and JC? Let me know some suggestions and maybe I’ll incorporate them! Till next time, be safe and kind, and thank you and your soul for stopping by!




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