Your hands are tough but they are where mine belong

Dear Internet,

Jozo is leaving for his Europe trip today and will be gone for three weeks. This will be the first time that we’ll be apart from each other for that long and I’ve been selfish these past few days trying to bid time before he leaves…and today, he’s leaving.

Thankfully, I was able to see him a bit this morning. We met up at the school we used to make out at, and prayed the Divine Mercy together.

After parting from him, I recorded a video for him saying that I miss him already, accompanied by a few tears.

I went on with my day and opened my laptop to find a post it note from the other day which Jozo had written:

Hey love, your husband here, just an update that i still love you and that i am in debt to you and our Lord for miraculously crafting you, and then putting us together forever. I LOVE YOU, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING FOR US

I’m happy for him that he’s going on this trip because of all the experiences he’ll be able to have and all the people he will get to encounter. It’s going to be great hearing about his time there, and I will be watching his social media vlogs to see what he has seen. He’s been looking forward to this trip since his brother brought it up to him, so I should stop thinking about myself today, and think about him.

I know he’ll come home to me, and I know this isn’t forever, and I know one day, we’ll be able to experience a trip like this together.

In the meantime, love bugs, be safe and kind and thank you and your soul for stopping by.




One thought on “Your hands are tough but they are where mine belong

  1. Oh my, I totally get this feeling. I’ve never been apart from my bestie since the three years we’ve known, people practically thought we were siblings. Then all of a sudden he had to leave for work for 6 months. It’s the fourth month now, love has never been surer.


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