Dessert before dinner

Dear Internet,

During the past week, I have been taking my family from California around Toronto. On Saturday, we headed to the CN Tower, which was packed with tourists, locals, and just a bunch of people in general. We waited a good two hours to finally head up, and spent less than an hour looking at Toronto. Despite the wait and people, it was still fun trying to get my aunt and cousin on the glass floor while looking down!

After the CN Tower, we split up our different ways. My mom took my aunt and her kids to Ripley’s Aquarium, while my dad took my aunt and uncle to St. Lawrence Market and Jack Astor’s. My sister and I took Zachary and his girlfriend around Queen St West. Prior to that day, I asked Zachary where he wants to go and his reply was, “Anywhere, as long as it’s food”. Soooooo I showed him a couple of places which were conveniently on Queen St West and headed that way.

Our first stop was iHalo Krunch, which just became known in June for their black soft serve ice cream and waffles. We got to the place, and were welcomed by a line-up that almost his the next street. I would say that the wait isn’t so bad, probably a good 20-30 minutes had passed, but while waiting, one of the workers came out to hand everyone water bottles, which I thought was thoughtful of them. Some of the passer-byers, were also walking by saying that there was nothing spectacular about the place and how it tasted like normal ice cream. Hearing those remarks actually made me second guess myself on coming here, but I thought to myself, “You would never know until you try it”. So that was a little motivation for me to stay in line. We finally made it to the counter and ordered. Zachary and my sister’s boyfriend ordered Ube and Charcoal-infused coconut twist, my sister got gelato (mango and lemon), and Zachary’s girlfriend and I got black on black, which was the charcoal infused coconut (All orders were $6.99 + $1 for the black waffle cone). We all tried our soft serve and fell in love! The coconut was sweet, but not too sweet that your sugar level would increase immediately. The cone tasted so good and was filled with marshmallow at the tip of the cone. Although those who ordered black ice cream looked like a mess after eating, we all were happy with our orders.

After we walked 20 minutes to Parkdale area, more specifically to Grand Electric. My cousin saw Grand Electric on a list of top 10 places to eat at in Toronto, and this was on it. Since it is a small place, the wait was approximately an hour but we decided to wait and glad we did since it was probably 30 minutes until we got a seat. We started with chips and dip ($12.50)–Housemade tortilla chips, guacamole, tomato salsa, refried beans, chino-latino onions–and fell in love with their chips and guac! For our meals we ordered a mixture of their tacos: baja fish ($4.45), pork belly ($3.99), pork carnita ($3.99), and spicy chicken ($3.99). They actually messed up our order, giving us three extra tacos however, with no charge. My favourite was the pork belly! If you guys have tried it here, let me know how you enjoyed it and what taco is your fav!

That was basically where we took them, as after walking from the CN Tower to Parkdale, our feet were basically done! We wanted to head to The Lockhart, but we would’n’t have enjoyed it so much, as of how tired we were. All in all, I’m happy that Zachary and his girlfriend enjoyed their time here and I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

Be safe and kind, and thank you and your soul for stopping by!




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