Thursdate turned upside down

Dear Internet,

Yesterday, my cousin and I planned to have brunch at School Restaurant, however, we changed out plans to have lunch at The Porch instead due to the praises that have been said about the place. Our friends have told us golden reviews, our expectations were fairly high, and as we climbed the stairs to our destination, every taste bud of my mouth were longing to be pleased.

The staircase to the patio were accompanied with signs of encouragement as you go up, and I felt like every step up was just another step to burn off the calories that I’ll be using at my meal. We finally made it up, and it wasn’t as I expected. There weren’t any hosts at the front to take you to your seat, it’s more of a seat yourself kinda place, with tables that allow you to have the perfect view of the CN Tower or a seat under the stringy lights for when its lit and other places on the patio. We first placed ourselves within a good view of the CN Tower and our server came to welcome us with their menu. Before anything else, though, he did warn us of their wasp problem–uh oh, I thought, this was going to be a BIG problem–I was totally hesitant at first, but I totally wanted to stay to try this place out, and I glanced around the other customers and I only saw a few wasps, here and there, and everyone seemed fine. I can do it, I told myself, and so we stayed.

We refreshed ourselves with one of their famous drinks in a bucket, a mango and strawberry margarita served with a slice of watermelon ($14.75), which I totally loved! It was sooooooo refreshing, especially on a hot summer’s day, and we couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, but nonetheless, loved their margaritas!

For our meal, I ordered their pulled pork sandwich ($16) and my cousin decided to go with their fried chicken sandwich ($16), both sandwiches came with sides of fries. My cousin enjoyed her sandwich but removed the jalopeno slices that it came with. I didn’t really notice anything spectacular with my sandwich, but I enjoyed the fries.

While we began eating our meal, however, that is when the problem occurred. A wasp came along, then two, then three, then another two, and I kid you not, it was a family surrounding us. I literally had to stop eating while they were there and froze. At first, we thought we could deal with it but we really couldn’t, so we decided to move tables…Did that help? Nope. They followed us to the other table, feasting on our food, and my appetite dropped from 100 to 0 real quick. I jumped off of my chair and had to stand in order to get someone’s attention. We asked for boxes for our food and the bill and left.

We realized we spent less than an hour there, and if it wasn’t for the wasp problem, we probably would’ve enjoyed and stayed longer. I felt that the staff should’ve been more attentive at the situation, there were plenty of times other waiters had passed by without seeing if we were okay. They all stood by the bar, and I did feel as if, they would make fun of what was happening. it was not a fun experience but I wanted to love it so much! I’m super disappointed with the place and the staff, and hope that those who have been there, had a better time than I did…wasp free!!!!!!

That same day, I hung out with my friend, Kelsey. She had mentioned a place in Vaughn called WaffleU Waffle House, which recently opened up and has been receiving much attention from social media. We learned that each season has a new menu, and this summer’s menu were waffle’s on a stick! We entered and was greeted by a friendly man behind the counter, first small-talking and asking us how we found out about this place, I replied, “Instagram”  as to which he said that most of their customers found them through their Instagram account. So he then continued with letting us know how it works there: Grab one of their check-lists from the cash, and check off what we want, then hand it to the cash, wait for your name to be called, pay, and enjoy! Their summer menu not only consisted of waffles on a stick, but also ice cream in a cup or cone, and a milkshake. Their ice cream flavours change every three days, and although I was craving their ice cream, I wasn’t really craving their choice of flavours. I opted for a waffle on a stick dipped with white chocolate and topped with sprinkles, while Kelsey also ordered a waffle on a stick with milk chocolate and topped with oreo crumbles ($5-6 approx).

As we waited for our order, we scanned the place. It wasn’t too packed, with two families enjoying some sweets, a few other people together. It wasn’t surprising that it was just a one man job (for now). We also didn’t have to wait long for our order, which was another good thing. But when we got it, boy oh boyyyyyy! Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted like heaven! The waffle was so soft, and the white chocolate and sprinkles were such a good combination! It was soooooooo good that I forgot that I had a terrible lunch that same day! Kelsey and I were giving much praises as we ate it, and my taste buds were much satisfied. If any of you guys live in the Maple/Vaughn area, you probably have been there and most likely go there often! And for those of you who live elsewhere in Toronto, come over to Waffleu Waffle House to try their waffle on a stick before the season is over!!!!!! It is literally, a must!!!

I am so happy that my day turned upside down, and that although I had a not so good lunch, my evening was sweet. Be safe and kind, and thank you and your soul for stopping by.




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